Hexus Oral Irrigator


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Here are five things to know about the teeth punch:

1. Function and Use: A dental punch is an oral hygiene tool that flushes the teeth and gums with a high-pressure stream of water to help remove food debris, bacteria and other dirt. It effectively cleans the space between the teeth, the gum line, and the periodontal pocket, providing a comprehensive oral cleaning.

2. Design and structure: The tooth punch usually consists of a water tank, a handle and a sprinkler head. The tank is filled with water, the handle controls the strength and pressure of the water flow, and the nozzle is the outlet of the water flow. Some dentition appliances have different types of sprinkler heads to suit different oral needs.

3. Usage: When using the dental flusher, aim the nozzle at the gap between teeth and gums, press the handle, and high-pressure water will flush the mouth. The teeth flusher can be used after each brushing or on a regular basis according to personal oral hygiene needs. Keep your lips closed when using the punch to avoid splashing water.

4. Oral health benefits: Dental punch can effectively remove bacteria and food residues on the surface of teeth, reduce the formation of plaque and dental stones, and prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease. It can also stimulate the gums, improve periodontal blood circulation, and contribute to healthy gums and fresh breath.

5. Cleaning and maintenance: After use, the nozzle and water tank of the dental punch should be cleaned in time to prevent bacterial breeding. The sprinkler head can be rinsed with warm water and cleaned regularly with mild soapy water or disinfectant. The tank should be emptied and flushed regularly to avoid the buildup of scale and dirt. In addition, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, replace the nozzle and maintenance components to ensure the performance and sanitary condition of the punch.

Weight 270 g
Dimensions 278 × 78 × 28 mm
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